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Thursday, April 21, 2016

WANTED: Going from unwanted to a place of belonging

The concept is quite simple, everyone wants to be wanted. We want to feel like we have a place to belong and we want to know that there are people who care about us. But while we all strive for this belonging, we are quick to refuse others what we want so desperately.

So how does this apply to refugee relief? Well let's think about this for a second. The refugee crisis our world is facing today has become a major news platform, it has impacted political decisions, and it has become a source of enormous fear in our society. But we have forgotten entirely that the refugee crisis is not a political issue, its a human issue. These people are mothers, brothers, children, doctors, friends, teachers, mechanics, students. They are real people who at their core want the same thing we want, to feel wanted. And yet, our world has in essence turned our back and refused to see them as people but more as a problem that no-one wants around and no-one wants the responsibility to fix.

So my question, is what if we as individuals, not affiliated with any government or political party, changed the way we viewed the refugee crisis? What if we changed our verbiage and refused to act in ignorance or fear? What if we decided to see refugees as people in need of a helping hand that doesn't look upon them with disdain but with love and acceptance? What if we choose to see the human behind the news headline?

How can do you do this? Well you can become informed. You can research and understand what is happening in this world. You can choose to see beyond the problem to the person. You can give, of your time, your finances, and your prayers. You can buy a cool T-shirt!

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You can choose from the two designs on either a unisex soft tee or a women's tank. One time shipping fee of $5 no matter how many shirts you order.

Buy purchasing a "Wanted" shirt you are supporting refugee relief work in Turkey. Proceeds go to benefiting my personal work and efforts on behalf of the church in Turkey to bring relief to refugee communities in need. 

Refugee Efforts your purchase will benefit:
  • Transportation
  • Children's Programs
  • Donation management and distribution
  • Administrative needs
  • Food, Clothing, medical needs, etc. 

The first 100 shirts sold, or the first $1000 raised in efforts with the "Wanted" campaign will go directly to work I will be doing with refugees in Turkey. This will help cover transportation costs, special projects, kids programs, etc.

It is my hope that this idea will take off and we will be able to raise awareness and funds for refugee relief that goes far beyond my personal work. You are the first to hear of this campaign but my hope is that it will not end with you. My prayer is that when you wear your shirt you start a conversation that will start a movement to change the way we think about the refugee crisis. That we would literally change our perspective from "we don't want to deal with this" to "We want to help refugees find a place of belonging again".