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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Haiti Prep

Oh that word. It seems as if this word has been thrown in my face a million times over the past few months. I thought I had "surrendered", as if it was a one time occurance. On the contrary, it is a decision I have to choose to make every moment of every day. I choose to say "yes" to Him and say "He is more important" to everything else. He doesn't always ask me to say "no", because some of the things I surrender are perfectly good and even part of His plan for me. That is what makes it so difficult. He is teaching me to choose Him, the person of Jesus, over the good things. Over the greatest dreams I have. Over relationships. Over position or opportunities. But the greatest mystery I am learning is that He IS worth it!

He is worth going across the world to bring the hope of His name. He is worth walking across the street to share the glorious story. He is worth moving across the room to meet a stranger (or even a friend) and speak the words to them. He is worth it! That is the simple motivation behind all we do. He is worth it!

As my team and I prepare in our last few days before Haiti, I am convinced that this trip is a whole lot bigger then the 11 of us. This trip is not about what we can do or how many people we can help. This trip is because He is worth it. This week will be solely to bring more glory, more honor, and more worth to His name.

God is going to do big things while we are in Haiti, I have no doubt about it. I really have no idea what to expect but I know this week will change and touch my life in a way that no other experience ever has. Would you be praying over the next week. Our team is going to a dark place and the light we carry is very threatening to that darkness. Would you pray for covering so that we can accomplish all that God has in store for us.

I surrender to this Man. I will go any where, do anything, because I have encountered the One who is worth it.  I would rather pursue this Man than do anything else with my life.

Pray for Haiti March 2-9. Pray for our team and for the believers there.