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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Count Down To Turkey Day!

This semester has been a whirlwind of highs and lows. But mostly it has been God taking my little plans and flipping them around in circles until I really have no idea what will come next. 

I recently realized that while I have said for over five years that I want to do missions, I never really cared about the unreached. What an oxymoron my life has been. You see, the idea of the unreached people of the world made me sad and stirred my spirit but the task seemed too large for me to even touch. So when I said I wanted to do missions what I really meant was I want to go over seas and help people. I wanted to feed hungry mothers and love on abandoned children. I wanted to somehow be a small part of fixing the injustices of this world. I was missing the other side of the equation. 

When God put Turkey on my heart this year I argued with Him. I told Him that Muslims were not my fight. I told Him that He had called me to something different. I forgot that telling Him what I am supposed to do rarely works because He is in the business of already knowing the plans He has for me. So now I find myself preparing to lead an incredible team to the LARGEST UNREACHED NATION IN THE WORLD! God so deeply loves those who have never heard His name and He is teaching me how to love them the way He does. 

As we start the count down to Turkey Day, I challenge you to spend some time in prayer for the nation of Turkey.  Turkey is facing a refugee crisis as millions have crossed the border into Turkey from Syria and Iraq. These refugees are fleeing the horrors of ISIS and have seen unimaginable trauma. These people, so desperately in need of hope, are coming into a nation that does not know the true Source of hope. 

So I’m asking you to pray for the next four days for Turkey. Pray for the millions that have never heard the truth about Jesus. Pray for those on the ground working there now to reach these people and pray for their families. Pray for my team as we prepare our hearts to go into such a dark place, literally the enemy’s territory. Pray for the lost and pray for the hurting. Pray for an end of ISIS and that those terrorists would know the love of Jesus. Pray for restoration between the people groups. Pray for God’s kingdom to come to Turkey.

I’m also asking you to pray about financially supporting the mission. My trip to spend nearly three months working with the local church in Turkey will cost me $3000. I am also raising funds for another trip to minister to unreached college students in Bolivia in March. Overall I need to raise $5000. I know that this number is not too big for my God and I know that if I am supposed to be there then He will provide every last penny. 

If you would like to help me financially, you can donate at this link: and choose my name and put Turkey or Bolivia in the country. All donations will be tax deductible and will go fully to my trips. 

Please join me over the next week as we count down to Turkey Day and lift up Turkey and God’s people in that nation.  Stan was a missionary who gave his life to witness to the Turks. In his book he said “They deserve to be reached because they are truly loved of God.” If I believe this, then I must go. If you believe this, then what must you do?

Have a happy Thanksgiving!